[Meet] Players 7.0

2 Posted by - September 17, 2013 - Meets, Photos, Stance

Last Sunday saw Players land at North Weald airfield for the seventh year and although I have only been to two, it has already established itself as my favourite show. By far.


It’s the sheer variety and quality of the cars on show that lifts it above the norm. There’s Jap to Euro and everything between… and housing the best cars in massive aircraft hangars doesn’t hurt either.


The split screens were out in force with equally fine examples in the hangar and in the car park.


This slightly ratty one had a certain charm about it, with its mix of perfect rims and battered bodywork.


There were lots of lows too, not surprising as Airlift Performance are the main sponsor.


It may not have as much stance as some, but American muscle always gets attention.


Mixing and matching rims is still big, with everything from Merc, Bentley, Lambo, Land Rover and Ferrari wheels on VAG cars.


Quite simply, classic.


Even pugs love Players


There were a lot of wrapped Audis on air sat around looking aggressive. I blame that Carl Taylor bloke!


Speedhunters came along, took over a hangar and brought their #JOYOFMACHINE photography exhibit along


Everything has camber at Players


Rotiform and BBS were everywhere you turned


Jemima Cox’s Little Red was rocking a little bit of Ferrari



Mint Wolfberg Edition with a gorgeous interior and what looked like original Recaro seats


I have a soft spot for low Audis, of which there were A Lot.

So that’s Players for another year. Keep an eye on the website for announcements about next years show. I know I will be.