[Circuit] Gatebil 2012

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Gatebil 2012

Gatebil is well renowned across the globe – regardless of how you pronounce it people in the car community know what you mean! We had been dreaming of the day when we would go, after watching countless videos on Youtube from the events over the year. It didn’t disappoint, where else would you wake up to the wail of a Toyota Supra doing a burnout infront of your tent?


The pure range of cars at Gatebil was quite simply mind-blowing.  The most common car there had to be the retro E30 BMW. Not a single one on track was normally aspirated from what we saw and most had undergone surgery to have 24v M3 engines (obviously with a turbo, because over 300bhp in a stripped out car isn’t enough!)


I’m personally not a big fan of the 1 series, but this caught my eye! Must be something in the Norwegian water…


Rudskogen is in the middle of a forest, but even the connecting roads are leagues ahead of what we in the UK call a road!


Speedhunters were there in force, you couldn’t miss their pit garage! As with all the big events they were there to provide their A-class coverage but they also brought Fredric Aasbø, Darren McNamara and “Mad Mike” along with them!


Mad Mike had alot of issues with the noise restrictions – unsurprisingly! The noises his quad rotor RX7 can’t be put into words, it sounds like a complete different animal in the flesh. Luckily he was allowed to modify his exhaust to try and meet the noise restrictions before completing a lap for the fly-by noise test before repeating the process. Eventually he managed to get it within the regs.

A 6.2 litre LS1 V8, rear wheel drive R32 Golf? We did mention that Gatebil attracts some insane cars right?


E30 M3′s are an increasingly rare sight, unless you go to Gatebil that is!


Balls out drifting, overtaking and oodles of cars doing battle at the same time is what adds to the attraction of Gatebil.

Team Black Smoke Racing brought their infamous diesel Mercedes, another high profile car that made an appearance

How to make a car look badass in one easy step. Remove the headlights to show off the air filters!

IMG_5870 copy
We even saw some people from our shores! Team Japspeed did a “road to Gatebil” tour over Europe. Gatebil had to be the main event for them of course!

Darren McNamara, on the home straight!

When you make a mistake on track, it can get serious fairly quickly with the amount of traffic and tyre smoke that’s about!


One session sees just the expensive supercars out on track. Would you believe us if we said moments before the Ferrari F40 picture was taken it span out in an attempt to drift?

The KRB Trading Audi wins the big wing award!

One of the highlights of the whole Gatebil trip was being taken around Rudskogen by a Marshal in his 4×4 and being overtaken by this RS200 banging flames out of his exhaust! The only low point was leaving my sunglasses in the 4×4…

Gatebil isn’t always about drifting though. Vidar Frogner was in his Porsche 933 GT2 putting in the times!

I could watch M3′s being abused all day long!

A rare sight, Fredric Aasbø misjudging a corner and paying a visit to the sandpit! I wasn’t scared! 

But every other time he had it nailed!

We stayed with Team Driftmonkey who were generous enough to let us sleep in their pit shop with their cars!

Dat ass!

The drift clipping point challenge nicely rounded off the end of the first day

Gatebil’s famous after party. Donning my backstage pass and Rekorderlig, I had one of the best seats in the house!

It wasn’t long before morning came around again and we were sat in the centre of the of track, basking in the sun and casually watching some drifting!

James Deane came all the way from Ireland to pilot Team Drift Monkeys S15, he didn’t disappoint!


Rudskogen is playing host to Gatebil between 12th-14th of July in 2013, will you be there?

Photography and words: Paul Cook