[Circuit] Forge Motorsport Day 2013

1 Posted by - September 19, 2013 - Circuit

Once upon a time Forge spent their days maintaining the machines that make ice cream. At some point in the company’s history an employee decided he could make a better dump valve than one he’d just bought  for his car and now we have the Forge Motorsport Action Day at Castle Combe. I may have missed a few steps there but you get the idea.

Forge is all about getting  more from your engine and their product range contains everything from silicone hoses to intercoolers, diverter valves to carbon fibre induction kits. So ubiquitous in the world of motorsport are they that it was hard to find a car at the Wiltshire circuit that wasnt wearing a Forge logo somewhere about its person.


The Falken Tyres drift team getting ready for a day’s worth of drifting demos


The cool morning air was filled with exhaust mist as various track monsters queued up for noise testing.


Dozens of teams come to the Forge Day representing all sorts of racing, from big budget teams to grass roots outfits.


There always seems to be a decent Jap contingent at Combe, maybe because of its Japshow history.



Even everyones favourite commentator Bryn Musselwhite was at the show, off duty, but with his Forge-infused Volvo.


Liam Doran brought along his Ford RS2000 Pikes Peak monster


 Team Falken laying down some smoke out on track during one of the drift demos.


You never know what you might find at the Forge Day, like this Cobra lurking down in the woods.


Forge’s own bonkers Golf made an appearance before it heads Stateside for a tour


Here it is again! Castle Combe’s resident “Dark Side” 240Z


The day before Players, a couple of Carl Taylors Audis were in attendance including this one, sat on new pick Rotiforms, that won the best stance award.


Local drift team Kyoto Drift were out in force


Another one of the Forge cars in action on the 1.85 mile circuit.


More “scenery” than “scene”


This matt black TTRS wasn’t shy about showing off its radiator – I hope it’s Forge!


Marc Huxley throwing his insane Volvo into Quarry


To finish off, a little drift train action from one of the many crowd-pleasing drift sessions.